‘Origins of the Universe’ Asks a Lot of Interesting Questions

From Chicago Review of Books…

Chicago Review of Books

9781938103919_ba724The essay is the scientific method of literature. The scientist creates a hypothesis and then continually tries to disprove it. The essayist calls on facts and research, but opens that data up to the organic uncertainties of experience and personality. Like the scientist, the essayist circles in to discover her subject, and for Carole Firstman, the subject is only the Origins of the Universe and What It All Means.

Firstman is aware of the grandiose claim of her subject matter, which is also the title of her memoir in essays. The words come directly from her father, a biology professor, free love practitioner, and somewhat absent parent. Firstman diagnoses him as both brilliant and mildly autistic. His often-repeated promise to explain the meaning of life on earth is both intriguing and infuriating, and these two forces pull each essay along. While her father studies scorpions to prove theories of evolution, Firstman…

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2 thoughts on “‘Origins of the Universe’ Asks a Lot of Interesting Questions

  1. visaliaweatherguy

    Well that one is about 90% great and 10% medium.  How do you feel about it?

    It was interesting to read the reviewer liked the part about the potatoes.  Greg told me that was the only section he had some trouble with.

    Either way I’m real proud of you Punkin’!!

  2. visaliaweatherguy

    By the way did you see your book cover is on their home page?


    Very cool!

    From: Carole Firstman Reply-To: Carole Firstman Date: Friday, September 23, 2016 at 9:31 AM To: Karl Schoettler Subject: [New post] ‘Origins of the Universe’ Asks a Lot of Interesting Questions

    Carole Firstman posted: “From Chicago Review of Books…”


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