Other Works

Literary Journals & Anthologies

Man in the Moon: Essays on Fathers and Fatherhood,  “Liminal Scorpions” (Center for Literary Publishing, 2014)

South Dakota Review, “Objects of Affection” (Winter 2013)

Watershed Review,Between Sunlight and Shadow” (Fall 2013)

Colorado Review,Liminal Scorpions” (Summer 2012)

Defunct Magazine, Traffic Jam: Lagos, Nigeria” (Spring 2012)

Knee-Jerk Magazine,Curve Ahead” (Fall 2011)

Reed Magazine, “Out-Swimming Piranhas” (Fall 2009)


Journalism (selected from 300+ feature articles, profiles and column pieces)

Death Takes a Holiday: Dia De Los MuertosLifestyle Magazine (December 2013)

In Search of Fall Colors: Nova ScotiaLifestyle Magazine (September 2013)

“Nowruz: The Persian New Year” Lifestyle Magazine (March 2013)

“When a Calling Becomes a Career: Jessica Cavale” Lifestyle Magazine (Feb 2013)

“Belize: You Know You Wanna Go” Wedding Style (June 2010)

“The Pages in Between: A Cage Fighter’s Story” Valley Response Magazine (May 2009)

“Derek Burrell: Teaching Through Touchdowns” Valley Response Magazine (April 2009)

“On The Edge: Profile of a Paramedic Flight Officer” Valley Response Magazine    (Jan 2009)

“Armenians of Chomaklou” Lifestyle Magazine (Feb 2008)

“Confessions of a Lead-Foot Tourist” Direct Magazine (Aug 2008)

“Surprises of Guatemala” Baja Life (Aug 2008)

“Kids’ Expressions” Direct Magazine, monthly column on education (2007-2008)

“A Doctor with Heart: Sukhvinder Bhajal” Vital Signs (July 2007)

“Arts Voice” Valley Voice Newspaper, column on economic development & the arts (2005-2007)

“The Arts” Visalia Times Delta/Gannet Newspaper, monthly column on current events in the arts (2004-2007)

“Page to Stage: Debut of a Playwright, Melissa Howard” Valley Voice Newspaper (2005)

“Brian Kempf: Modern-Day Johnny Appleseed” The Fresno Bee Newspaper (1998)

“Just ‘Tomas’: Profile of a Sign Painter” The Fresno Bee/McClatchy Newspaper (1998)

“Lloyd Iron: Portrait of a Homeless Man” The Fresno Bee/McClatchy Newspaper (1997)

“Gary Benjamin: Insights of a Blind Man” The Fresno Bee/McClatchy Newspaper (1997)

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